Boston Marathon 2013: Reaction

‘What the f***?!’ was my reaction when I read a whatsapp message which I received as I woke up today. I fell asleep last night due to a bad migraine. Before that, I was keeping myself up-to-date with the Boston Marathon happening via a few live blogs on the web and Runner’s World twitter. Just after the first woman crossed the finishing line, the migraine hit me and I was forced to take my usual pain killers and turn off the lights.

Imagine to my shock when I found that one of my friend’s friend (whom I met during my first run in Taman Metropolitan Kepong), was a participant in the race. Thankfully she was 7km from the finishing line when it happen, though I can’t imagine her emotions of being robbed from a Boston Marathon finisher.

My condolences and prayers goes out to Boston. No other words to be said.

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