LSD February 9 and February 16, 2013

Kung hei kung hei! I didn’t celebrate Chinese New Year but I was very happy with the 2 days of public holiday. I get to enjoy an activity I like the most, apart from running and eating which is sleeping. Hah!

Hope you guys had a great long weekend too over last week’s holiday. I started of the long break with a nice tortoise-pace run at  the neighbourhood which I grew up in, Sri Hartamas. I arrived at 7.30 am and by then it was already pretty sunny. The route I took starts off at the park in Sri Hartamas, passed the streets of my old home, my secondary school (which has now become a primary school), Publika, into jalan Khidmat Usaha, u-turned, took back the same route to Sri Hartamas, turned left into Desa Sri Hartamas for 2 rounds, passing by my secondary school (SMK Seri Hartamas was relocated to its current location in 2000) and finally back to my car parked at Petronas Sri Hartamas. Phew. I didn’t think I could do it alone but I did. Of course I took lots of walk breaks as usual and I did stop for refueling at Bestari, Publika. Total distance is  13.29 km.

Last Saturday’s LSD route started off the same. I however arrived late; the friggin’ phone alarm had the volume on the lowest setting. Boo! Woke up startled at 7.30am and rushed out by 7.45 am (manage to grab peanut butter biscuits for pre-running fuel and I’ve made some Chia drink before sleeping the night before). I was really worried that the sun was going to bother me; I mean it was glaring but it wasn’t like I was being toasted. Since I had about an extra 1 km plus or so in my training plan, I devised a slightly different route. Started off about the same till I hit the junction in front of Publika, instead of turning left to head towards Persiaran Dutamas, I turned right and headed towards the Wilayah Mosque and government offices. After a loop around the LHDN building, I turned into Khidmat Usaha and on to Persiaran Dutamas. Was threaten by an angry stray dog at the Khidmat Usaha – Persiaran Dutamas intersection *gulps*.  It barked, growled and even went after me for a couple of meters – thankfully the dog gave up… Because of that incident, after the u-turn at Jalan Dutamas Raya, I ran on the opposite side of the street which did not have any pedestrian walkway. Dangerous! I’d have to come up with an anti-angry-stray dogs in the future. Any tips? Finished off the run by heading back the same route of the previous weekend LSD. Total distance is 14.54km.

Have you had any experience running into angry stray dogs?

Any useful tips on avoiding/handling future encounters?


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    2 thoughts on “LSD February 9 and February 16, 2013

    1. Suraj

      Simple and interesting write-up’s. Fan of runs too. Thing about dogs, they generally know when you are in a state of fear. I have dogs as a pets and also have faced similar situation as your during runs/cycling. During runs usually I stop running and face it, take a dominant stance at the dog, as in not fearing it neither want to harm it. At times I shout at it if it’s approaching in a fierce state. Anyway this is applicable to Mongrols only. During cycling, I typically sprint off. If you want expert opinion then suggesting digging up some info at Dog Whisperer.

    2. wai yien

      stumbled upon your blog page when I was checking on Malaysia running calender 2013 …interesting page. as for dog…can’t help you much for I usually do my running in a park mostly FRIM or Kepong Metropolitan Park and never on a road. There are more dogs in FRIM than Jalan Dutamas / Sri Hartamas area but those dogs are so accustomed to human being …runners, cyclists and others, they could not be bothered with us at all.

      keep it coming.


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