Running Spots: Kepong Metropolitan Park

Didn’t think I’d be writing on another spot so soon, but since I visited it yesterday and the experience is still fresh in my mind, why not right? Kepong Metropolitan Park is located next to Kepong exit on the MRR2 highway. I’ve always knew it as the Kite Park as on weekends, as the park will be filled with kite-fliers; causing a massive jam most of the time. I’m not too sure if the kite-flying carnival is on Saturday or Sunday evening. Nonetheless, just avoid it on weekends evening if you can.

Kepong Metropolitan Park

The park has a massive loop of approximately 3.3km which is consistently flat on most parts. There’s a jogging track which runs parallel to the cycling track but I found that I prefer running on the cycling track as the former is not that well maintained. You should also be careful when you run on the bike track; not only bikes use it but also absent-minded motorcyclist.

Kepong Metropolitan Park

There were no water fountains in the park but I did notice a food court of sort at one side of the park. Other than that, a selection of food, drinks and even toys are sold by peddlers at the entrance of the park. Parking wasn’t an issue for me when I was there at 8.00 am on a public holiday. Again as I mentioned above, I doubt it will be the same on weekends.

Location: Near the Kepong exit on MRR2
Hours: 6/7 am (?) – 8pm (be careful if you run after 7pm)
Elevation: Relatively flat
Water coolers: No

Kepong Metropolitan Park Kepong Metropolitan Park Kepong Metropolitan Park Kepong Metropolitan Park Kepong Metropolitan Park Kepong Metropolitan Park Kepong Metropolitan Park

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    2 thoughts on “Running Spots: Kepong Metropolitan Park

    1. Leonard Loh

      Hi, what time does the Kepong Metropolitan Park open yea? Is it a gated park? I intend to go run there this Sunday before 6am.

      1. Ena Post author

        Hi Leonard,

        Not sure on the exact “open” time as it is not a gated park. 6am sounds reasonable but I’d be careful as for most part, it can be dark.


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