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Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) park is one of the most convenient places for me to run other than my neighborhood, Taman TAR – but even if I had to choose between the two I’d still go with KLCC park. As of the writing of this blog, January 23 2013, the car park has been closed down temporarily to allow for the construction of a multi-level parking space (finally). I’ve been pulling my hair trying to figure out where to park, which doesn’t cost me and arm and a leg (well maybe not that much but still). On a hunch, I gave The Zon’s (opposite the KLCC mosque) parking a shot and was delighted to find out that the parking rate is flat RM3 after 6pm. Huuuzah! That’s a saving compared to what Suria KLCC would charge me which is RM6.50 if I exceed an hour – which I usually do most of the time.

A complete loop of the park is approximately 1.32 km and the route is relatively flat. Overview taken from here:


One of the reason why this park has become a favorite spot of mine is that, it opens till late. The park is open all-year around from 6 AM to 10PM – so even if it rains in the evening, there’s still a chance for me to catch up at night. Sufficient lighting are available around the park and security officers patrol the area. Nonetheless, a recent report has surfaced where by a lady jogger was being disturbed during her run by a group of youngsters. Conclusion is, stay vigilant. Touch wood, I’ve had no problems thus far in the one year that I’ve been running there.

I also find that KLCC park is one of the only park (that I’m familiar with) which has water coolers around the park – Lake Gardens doesn’t have them, TTDI park doesn’t have them. No worries of being thirsty here.

Location: Behind KLCC Towers
Hours: 6 AM (I think) – 10 PM
Elevation: Relatively flat
Water coolers: Yes

Bonus. The park has a great view of the twin towers.

KLCC from KLCC Park


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    1. Fashion Travels

      nice to know this! been trying to find if where i can run at night or early in the morning too. im new here in malaysia I live stone throw away from petronas tower. thanks!


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