Not-A-Summary Summary: Born To Run

On a whim, I picked up this book after seeing countless times over Amazon; never read the review nor the summary. I just knew it was a popular book so why not give it a shot? Born To Run is my first running reading material thats NOT the internet.

Born To Run - Christopher McDougall

Summary taken from the official website:

Isolated by the most savage terrain in North America, the reclusive Tarahumara Indians of Mexico’s deadly Copper Canyons are custodians of a lost art. For centuries they have practiced techniques that allow them to run hundreds of miles without rest and chase down anything from a deer to an Olympic marathoner while enjoying every mile of it. Their superhuman talent is matched by uncanny health and serenity, leaving the Tarahumara immune to the diseases and strife that plague modern existence. With the help of Caballo Blanco, a mysterious loner who lives among the tribe, the author was able not only to uncover the secrets of the Tarahumara but also to find his own inner ultra-athlete, as he trained for the challenge of a lifetime: a fifty-mile race through the heart of Tarahumara country pitting the tribe against an odd band of Americans, including a star ultramarathoner, a beautiful young surfer, and a barefoot wonder.

I’ll rate the book 4.5 stars. It’s a great book! While some parts may be a bit draggy for me, for most, the book is a constant page turner. Don’t be surprised if you’re inclined to ditch your running shoes for barefoot running after reading this book. It does have that affect on people, or at least me.


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