MPIB 2013 Medal - 8km

MPIB Run 2013 – Recap

This is the second MPIB run, the first being the MPIB Run in January 2012. I chose to signed up for the 8.0km instead of the 12.0km since the cut-off time (at the time that I signed up for the race) appeared for doable; 1 hour 30 minutes vs 1 hour 40 minutes. Had I anticipated my finishing time for last month’s Malakoff 12km run was 1:28:09, I would have actually signed up for the 12.0km. Oh well.

The race kicked off with 12.0km women’s category at 7.00am followed by the men’s category 10 minutes later. At 7.20am, the gun went off for the 8.0km category. Even though I was mentally prepared (and aware) that the route would be hilly, I had no way of anticipating my side-stitches. It hit me right around the 2 km mark and I haven’t even started to the steeper hills yet. I manage to walk run my to the top of the route, but as soon as the roads starts to go downhill, the stitches got worse to my dismay. I was expecting to recover back the time loss during walking by pounding down the hill but all I manage was a 30-second run and a lot of walking.



The starting line as the 12.0km women’s category kicked off.


The finishing line.

I finished the race, which ended up to be around 7.3k with a timing of 55:21 (based on my Runkeeper). Running Tortoise certified.

Updated: Official timing places me in #96. Top 100 for the very first time! I know it’s because all the fast runners were in the 12km category….but still. Feels good!


The hilly route.


Collected my foodie pack (which contains banana and sweet bun) and waited for the rest of the usual suspects to show up. Most were in the 12.0km category, and one entered the 5.0 km race and got in at 10th! Congratulations Lili! Her timing was approximately 26 minutes – blardy fast should I say.



I still don’t get why Upin & Ipin (character from a children show) are part of the mascott team.


Lili with her winning prize.

We took more pictures and as any races in Malaysia, we look forward to the post-run meal as much as the run itself. Roti Special at Selangor Mansion was our choice for the day.


Delicious¬†and unhealthy. Perfect…. not.

A few pictures of the gang sans me (naturally. Still a photographer deep inside).

IMG_3966 IMG_3967

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