Monthly Archives: May 2012

Untitled First Post

One thing I hate about blogging is coming out with post titles. Can’t I just leave them empty? It’s not a problem when I’m blogging about a specific event, but what if I woke up in the middle of the night and I want to babble something aimlessly? Then at those wee hours of the morning I have to come up with a title, and by the time I figure out a title, I’ll be too lazy to even write. Doesn’t anyone else see this as problem?

Welcome to my blog. I’m not a person who writes much. In fact I doubt this will last more than a week, or two. That’s why my previous photography blog has turned into a tumblr. With tumblr I can actually post a photo and not having the need to explain it. (Yay!) So what’s this all about?

Just because I can. And just because I’m constantly thinking of how slow I am in running. I might as well complain about how slow I am and hope to find other tortoises out there. Running? Yes, running. Suddenly last October I decided to turn into one of those fitness freaks. I did turn into a fitness freak once, back in 2007. Then my heart got broken and I ballooned up, and that’s a whole different topic to write on. Ok, so maybe I’m not that much of a freak. I just read some 10 or so fitness blogs before I sleep. That’s not bad right? (By the way, Flipboard rocks!)

Yeah ok. So I guess that’s my welcome message. Welcome to my blog. Slow runners represent!

P/S: Just as much as I hate tagging my posts, I hate categorizing them too.