15 May 2012 Run Recap

I’ll do my best to provide a recap after every run. (Though personally I think after a few I’ll bore you and myself).

Today’s run was horrible. Just as horrible as my run last Tuesday. My tolerance with heat has gone worse, in fact I just woke up after passing out on the bed after shower earlier. The temperature was about 30C and even though I shorten my interval time to day to a 3:1 ratio, I still struggled to make it through. By the way, I run on intervals; that is I run for several minutes, than walk a minute. It’s been always this way for as long as I remembered on outdoor terrain. When I first started running I did manage to get to week 7 of the Couch-to-5k method which is a training method intended for beginners. I trained using the treadmill and by week 7, I could run non-stop for 25 minutes. When I moved to training outdoors, that just changed for me. I struggled a lot, so I decided to just use Jeff Galloway’s run-walk method.

So as I was saying, today, considering the heat, I decided to shorten by run portion of the ratio to 3 minutes instead of my usual 7 minutes. And even that by the third km I was ready to stop. You can see it in my splits. Manage to convince myself to just walk just because I needed the endurance. I also stopped by Starbucks to say a quick hello to my friend who works there as a manager. No I didn’t buy myself anything, it was purely just to say hi.

Here are few photos of an apartment facing the park. I think it was an apartment.

Do you know how is your heat tolerance?

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