Ezra Ishak at Gunung Nuang Ultra 2015 (GNU2015)

2015.. Already?

Oh hello there. It’s funny how 2014 went by without any updates here. In short, 2014 was a busy year for me. I reduced the number of races I participated tremendously (mainly due to work), picked up cycling/mountain biking and focused my running on trails instead of road.

Over the past weekend, I injured my already-sprained ankle during a walk down from Gunung Nuang (stubborn, I know). Because of that, I’ve decided to go on short-hiatus, attend a few physio sessions and return only after a full recovery. What that also means is that, I now have some time to update the dying blog (yay!).

Kicking things off with a short profiling of my running friends. Hope their stories inspires you to run either faster or farther, or even any other goals that you may have. Enjoy!

Ezra Ishak

Ezra Ishak at Gunung Nuang Ultra 2015 (GNU2015)

Ezra Ishak at Gunung Nuang Ultra 2015 (GNU2015)

Complete the sentence. I like running because…
Why I love running?? Finding a specific answer to that question will be the holy grail for myself.

Anytime I spend running on a trail or road –  is refreshing, relaxing, rejuvenating and peaceful. If I’m having an issue, I find that with each cadence, my mind stores away the good stuff, discards the junk, and organizes what’s really important. It truly gives me my inner peace.

Or whenever I complete a race, no matter the distance or the timing, I feel like I have conquered the world. Running a race and getting a PB?? I feel like I am the fastest man alive on this universe!!! Running constantly gives me the overwhelmed feeling of accomplishment that I always seek for.

Or how I love running because of the people!! Runners are just a bunch of great, friendly and fun people.  I can’t tell you how many races I have done where I have easily started chatting with other runners and instantly making fast friends. Everyone has a tale to tell, a race story to unfold, advice to give. How many sports do you know of which you can see competitors giving each other a morale boost during a race?? This thing we have in common truly binds us all.

Where is your favourite place to run/cycle?
I’m more into trail running. Anywhere that has trees, mud, rocks, crazy hills and wildlife will be my favorite place to run…Hehehe. But the only place that hold a special place in my heart is Tmn TAR jogging route, my first ever training ground.

What is your biggest sporting achievement thus far?
As I’m not a fast or a strong runner (Editor’s note: This is bollocks! Ezra’s FM timing is 4:30). Having a top podium finishing is out of the equation. I guess my biggest sporting achievement for myself so far, is gradually turning myself from a couch potato gamer/cigarette lover clubber to a ➡ 10k runner ➡ HM runner ➡ FM runner ➡ Ultra Runner.

Like all the slow runners like myself love to tell or lie to ourselves – I run not compete with others, I run to compete against myself.

What is your goal this year?
I didn’t have a good 2014 running year. Started strong with a few PBs then I kind of let myself go. Gained weight and didn’t train religiously.

2015 for me is to train constantly, eat healthy, improve as a runner and above all, to complete this year TMBT 100k (a race I’ve been longing for since I’ve started running) within a reasonable time.

Keep calm and share!